Saturday, April 26, 2008

My pictrues in the 2007 Dimensions Christmas Party

I don't have so many beautiful pictures to show my friends. But Yina who is my good friend in Shanghai wants to see my photoes, she said she has been missing me so much--.

This uploading job just for Yina.

Struggle with my study

Today is a lovely sunshire day, but I can't enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air, I even if have chance to get out, because I havn't finished my presentation preparing.

But I called my old friend Gan in Shanghai,we talked, laughed---, both of us were very happy for the chat on the phone. Old time seems comes back when we were talking.

The files are my datas for my course. And I work with 2 luggable computers. The whiter "Apple" is my favourite, because I love it so I would like working with everyday hehe---.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let the Games Go On 综合新闻

Let the Games Go On 综合新闻

By Joan Chen

Wednesday, April 9, 2008; A19

I was born in Shanghai in 1961 and grew up during the Cultural Revolution. During my childhood, I saw my family lose our house. My grandfather, who studied medicine in England, committed suicide after he was wrongly accused of being a counterrevolutionary and a foreign spy.

Those were the worst of times.

Since the Cultural Revolution ended in the late 1970s, however, I have witnessed unimaginable progress in China. Changes that few ever thought possible have occurred in a single generation. A communist government that had no ties to the West has evolved into a more open government eager to join the international community.

A state-controlled economy has morphed into a market economy, greatly raising people's standard of living. It's clear that the majority of the Chinese people enjoy much fuller, more abundant lives today than 30 years ago. Though much remains to be done, the Chinese government has made rapid progress in opening up and trying to be part of the international community.
Last month I went to China and spent four weeks visiting Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Chengdu. The people I met and spoke with are proud and excited about the Beijing Games. They believe that the Olympics are a wonderful opportunity to showcase modern China to the rest of the world. Like many Americans, most Chinese people are disturbed by the recent events in Tibet. But after watching the scenes of violence and arson by the rioters, the Chinese believe that the government is doing the right thing in cracking down to restore order.

The Olympic torch is in California and is to be carried through San Francisco today. In a resolution criticizing China, Chris Daly, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, said that demonstrating against the torch relay would "provide the people of San Francisco with a lifetime opportunity to help 1.3 billion Chinese people gain more freedom and rights." To his credit, Mayor Gavin Newsom did not sign Daly's resolution.

This statement could not be further from reality. For one thing, the Chinese are a proud people. They want freedom and greater rights, but they know they must fight for them from within. They know that no one can grant them freedom and rights from afar. The stigma of Western imperialism and the Opium Wars also remains a strong reminder of the past, and Chinese people do not want their domestic policies to be dictated by outside powers. They also do not want the United States to boycott the opening ceremonies of the Games. The U.S. boycott of the 1980 Games in Moscow and the Soviet boycott of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles accomplished nothing. A U.S. boycott of the opening ceremonies in Beijing would be counterproductive for relations between the two countries.

For decades, anti-China human rights groups in Washington have spent millions of dollars denouncing China. To many Chinese, it seems that this lobby is the only voice that's acceptable or newsworthy in the U.S. media and to the U.S. government. But times are changing. We need to be open-minded and farsighted. We need to make more friends than enemies. Remember what a little ping-pong game did for Sino-U.S. relations in the 1970s? Let's celebrate the Olympics for what the Games are meant to be -- a bridge for friendship, not a playground for politics.

The writer is an actress and director. She became a U.S. citizen in 1989.



  中国的国营经济已经蜕变成市场经济,并且大大提高了人民的生活水平。相对于三十年前,很清楚的事实是,今天绝大多数的中国人享受了更充分,更富足的生活。 尽管还有更多的要做,但是中国政府在对外开放和融入国际社会中已经大大进步许多。





these days--------------

I have been doing research and preparing data for my last presentation( 19.05.08) these days.

Very very busy!

Very happy some pictures were received by my old friend Yinna in Shanghai. In the Easter Holiday some of them flight from American, Canada to Shanghai to meet old friends, they said they talked and missed me when they were in the party.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yesterday( Tuesday)

The first day came back to work after EASTER.

Print out the Babylon ETI Audit file which I received on Sunday( I worked with New Limits on Saturday, faxed,emailed&called to them, tried my best let them to understand what I want--).

Gave the Babylon ETI Audit file to Neil. He is such a kind manager, he asked me questions, but I felt nervers to talk to him again. After talking, I persum maybe he misunderstood my meaning,I wasn't happy about this. Nevermind, as the God understood me.

Did 4 post.

Did 4 DCC Natwest amendemnt for Angela Price.

Received email from Royamail asking for AUDIT file update( including Sedex).

Maybe I am on the mission for SEDEX!I must talk to Derek about giving me enough to do Sedex!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I got 4 days holiday. But there is no rest for my holiday.

Had tutorial with Key( my new programer leader) and John( fabric teacher maybe has another title which is nobody told me yet) in the university on Monda
Surprised me that I heard Claudia( my old programer leader)came back to work now. And I went to studio to see her. We had a very good chatting with Tony( one of my next year classmate who came to tutorial on the day). Claudai showed me her daughters pictures, her daughter seems very clever,heathly and beautiful, bless she and her daughter!


Did Sedex work for Dimensions at home all day.

Did Sedex action plan all day and sent emails to Derek, Sarah and Neil. Maybe they don't think it is necessary, but I think it is necessary.

Thinking about my disertation and my presentation, I need to do more reasearch for it.
Going to swimming tonight.

Sedex days

From last Thursday will be my "Sedex" days.

Got training from Tom who came from Sedex London head office on last Thursday.Tom has been working in Sedex for one year.

Sedex is a Supplier Ethical Data Exchange Website. It is a membership based organisation with three membership level that reflect the different types business in global chains. We( Dimensions) are AB member. It is a innovation for the supply chain ethical management.

Derek let me be in charge of Sedex system for Dimensions. I am very happy and very interested in this. Hopefully I will be an expert for Sedex seytem "asap".

Be a member of Haven Church

Roger Borlace( Chruch Minister) tought me that I should be a member of the church in the last Bible study time. I didn't have this kind of concept which is I should be a member to a Church before.I thought every church is my family,in fact,it isn't-----.It is really good, it seems I will have a big family in the Haven Church.

So last night, Ann and Laura came to visiting me. We had a very good conversation about God and my Christian experience .I believe both of them have been doing jobs for Haven Church for long time. I like them as the same as I like Roger.

I like Roger, he is very easy to communicate, he is warm, wisdom---- and he is handsome he he--, another reason is his wife is one of the most beautiful and elegence ladies I have seen in the churches. I have to say I like both of them.

They will give me a ceremony on the one of Sunday's services. I need to think about my responsibility in the new and big family.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Working in Dimensions

I have been working in Dimentions for 4 month now, I have nothing to say!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

black products are very popular in Japan

Can you imagine black airplane, black toilet paper, black toothpast, black toothbush, black eggs are over demand in Japan.